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Faculty of Health Sciences


The Faculty of Health Sciences has been established with the aim of educating high-quality health personnel and academic staff, who can provide education and services for the prevention and promotion of health, contribute to the scientific world by producing information on an international level, are culturally equipped, have ethical principles and team understanding, and have high self-confidence.

The Faculty of Health Sciences was established in 2011 and in 2015, in order to gain functionality, Departments of Midwifery and Nutrition and Dietetics which were situated under Izmir Ataturk School of Health, were transferred to the Faculty. Faculty raised atop of twenty years of experience of Izmir Ataturk School of Health which was constituted in 1996 via the law of “Reconstruction of Health Education”. Since then, İzmir Atatürk School of Health had stopped accepting students and students are only placed under Faculty.

In 2017 Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation was established and in 2020-2021 the department will be welcoming its first students.