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E.U. İzmir Atatürk School of Health was established as a result of the protocol signed between the Higher Education Council and the Ministry of Health in 1992 and the implementation of the decisions of the High Health Council in 1995, with the Council of Ministers Decision No. 96/8655, dated 10.10.1996, according to the 30th article of the Law No. 2809. Later, it was entitled to become a faculty with the decision of the Council of Ministers, in the Official Gazette announcement dated 2011 April 15 and numbered 27905.

Faculty of Health Sciences started its activities in 2015 as two departments, namely the Midwifery, and Nutrition and Dietetics departments, which were transferred from the İzmir Atatürk Health School.

The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation was established within the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2017, and undergraduate and graduate students were admitted to the department for the first time in the 2020-2021 academic year. In the meeting of the Executive Board of Higher Education dated 04.03.2020 and 11.03.2020 and in accordance with the 7/d-2 article of the Law No. 2547 amended with the Law No. 2880, the establishment of the Audiology department was accepted in 2020, and student admission planning will be made in the 2022-2023 academic year.

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